The Amazing Whale(Fest) experience

Mar 25 2015
The Author at Whalefest.

The Author at Whalefest.Have you ever smelled the breath of a whale?

I did, and it smells really fishy. During a whale watching boat trip, I felt like a true detective, smelling whale before seeing it and following the stinking trail…

We actually ended up never seeing a whale on that particular boat trip, but I was blissfully happy - I had smelled a whale.

Futtermittelhersteller Almo Nature hilft mit einer Großspende für die Berliner Tiertafel e.V.

Mar 24 2015
Die Klienten der Berliner Tiertafel freuen sich über das von der Firma Almo Natu

Heute ist Oster-Ausgabe in der Berliner Tiertafel. Wegen der bevorstehenden Feiertage wird Tierfutter für vier statt, wie sonst üblich, zwei Wochen ausgegeben. Als ich ankomme, sehe ich schon von weitem die lange Schlange von Tiertafel-Klienten, die sich noch ein ganzes Stück den Bürgersteig entlang windet. Viele sind mit ihren Hunden gekommen und warten geduldig im eiskalten Berliner Märzwetter.


African Elephant Summit – Where to Next?

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Mar 24 2015
archive photo © IFAW
archive photo © IFAW

With the spotlight now on tomorrow’s conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade in Kasane, Botswana conservationists said while that Monday’s African Elephant Summit had shown significant progress by some countries, notably African countries to address the elephant crisis, there appeared to be glaring differences in the commitment by others to halt the killing of elephants and illegal ivory trade.

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Cape Town, South Africa
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The elephants in the room in Kasane

Mar 24 2015
If we don’t deal with demand for ivory in China, the battle for elephants in Afr

If we don’t deal with demand for ivory in China, the battle for elephants in Africa will be lost.I left the African Elephant Summit in Kasane on Monday with mixed feelings as to whether we are actually making progress towards addressing the current elephant crisis.

VIDEO: Goodbye Winter! Warm hearts as Northern Doghouse build is completed

Apr 16 2015
This is Winter.

In the video above, watch members of the team discuss their efforts to protect dogs from the cold of the Canadian winter.

It’s been a wild winter in Canada. Canadians talk about the weather a lot, but this winter we must have talked about it non-stop.

In several communities where IFAW’s Northern Dogs Project works, it’s been minus 30 since November!

You’ve got to see this: Watch one of Kiki’s puppies discover his voice!

Mar 20 2015

Things are starting to get loud at my house!

Now that Kiki’s puppies are up and about, they’re starting to understand their surroundings and get a feel for their capabilities, including the use of their voices!

WHALEFEST 2015: a leviathan happening

Mar 20 2015
The author presenting on the Science and Campaigns stage at WHALEFEST 2015."

The author presenting on the Science and Campaigns stage at WHALEFEST 2015.

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