Donald Trumps' sons, no apprentices of mine

Donald Trump Jr. holds the tail of an elephant he presumably had just killed.I was horrified to see the pictures just released of Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric taken from an African safari the pair went on in 2010—during which time they proudly hunted and killed a number of animals including an elephant, leopard, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and waterbuck.

What could have been an opportunity for them to enjoy wildlife in its natural habitat was nothing more than another example Americans hunting wild animals in another country for “fun.”

Confronted with poaching, abduction from the wild for the exotic pet trade, habitat loss, retaliatory killings from human conflict, and over-exploitation for trade in parts such as trophies and use in traditional Asian medicines, animals in the wild are already facing mounting threats and an uncertain future.  Each year hundreds of imperiled African lions are still killed for sport and imported to the U.S. And just recently, 300 to 400 hundred elephants were slaughtered in Cameroon for their ivory.  There is no doubt that wildlife around the world is in crisis.

As a public figure with a famous father, does Donald Jr. really feel the need to exacerbate the issue by smugly holding up an elephant’s tail and the knife he used to saw it off? Did they need to hang a crocodile from a tree?   Do they not remember the backlash that GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons experienced last year after a video of his elephant hunt surfaced online?  Americans are generally not fans of wasteful killing of species already haunted by an unsure future.

The Trumps thought they were doing a heroic deed by donating the meat from the hunted animals back to the villagers. Instead, a more heroic action would have been to forego the hunt, and donate a small portion of their father’s net worth to support the local community and conservation efforts on behalf of local wildlife.

This family should keep their firings in the boardroom--not with a gun on a vainglorious trophy hunt.



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6 years ago

This is disgusting. What a weak and miserable little man. What is worse though is that this type of hunting is being allowed. Hunting is so wrong anywhere but with endangered animals. Good grief!!!!! Shooters/hunters are little men out to prove how macho they are - believe me it does the exact opposite. STOP KILLING OUR ANIMALS - it is not a sport. Go and play football

6 years ago

Donald Trump should be punished for poaching on elephants or any other animals.

6 years ago


sick. grotesque.

the 'monster' in in this photo is an ethical disgrace... makes me almost ashamed, embarased to be human... I often wonder how it possible to be so detatched, vacant of compassion and yet not be a socio/psychopath...? Maybe it is some form of genetic retardation - obviously defective.

so this is the picture perfect display of the disgrace of ethical bankruptcy.... apathy will be the cause of our own extinction (along with everything other living thing) if we do not change.

6 years ago


6 years ago

Typical!! more money than sense. they live this cusioned life and expect to get away with any thing because dady has money, Daddy should have spent time with them as children teaching the meaning of life for every living creature. You morons, complete arseholes. put these people in the wild with no guns etc and lets see how long they last!!!!!!!!!!.

6 years ago

I'm coming late to this article but can't help express my disgust at seeing this guy holding up the elephant tail. Sooner or later nature will exact its revenche for our cruelty, thoughtlessness and greed. The sad thing is that a wrecked nature will affect all of us collectively, not just the perpetrators. And the Trumps of the world will always find another creature whose life they can take - and be it the last one on earth. Power and money corrupt, there's no doubt. Doesn't mean that the world's poor, given the means, wouldn't do the exact same thing. What a sad species we are ..

6 years ago

It doesn't matter if the Trumps are rich or poor, what they did was so upsetting to see.
I will never ever watch anything on TV that has to do with the Trump family even if father Donald is not a hunter. I hope their sponsors will pull out. Unfortunately they do have money and power and can probably influence some of the sponsors. Sad.
I read that there are no nearby villages where this hunt took place so they lied that the meat was given to villagers.
They are scum of the earth to proudly do what they did and I hope people boo whenever they see them and that their families are shamed by it. Their children should be shown what was done and who on earth would ever take the Trump grandkids to a zoo when their parent has done such cruel things to animals.
I wonder if they have animals at their homes and how those animals are treated?
I do hope karma gets them. I think of the dead animals who were just minding their own business when killed. It breaks my heart.

6 years ago

Jeffery, You need to talk to the news media and get your statement all over the TV. The Trumps try to make out that by hunting they are supporting that is the biggest lie of all as not one ounce of this money was given to the Zimbabwe Conservation task force. These guys are just really sick people that are destroying what's left of the natural world. I hope this anger against them keeps up for a long time so they never rear their ugly heads out of boardroom.

6 years ago

When you read what one of the Zimbabwe interviewees said in the article that the B.S. that Trump fed the meat to the poor is a stretch since the area they killed in was rather unpopulated. Also, he said that to kill their animals and feed them to the people would be a huge insult in their culture. He said that if the Trumps were really philanthropic they would donate money for a school. Why aren't these pics of Trump with the elephant and leopard on the network news?

6 years ago

These are links from Sheldrick wildlife trust. Most of these baby elephants are orphaned because of poachers.

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