IFAW Monitors Australian Flooding

IFAW Disaster Response Manager, Dick Green, is closely monitoring the floods in Australia and has a team ready to deploy, he offers comment on the current situation:

IFAW staff helping animals during the 2009 Australian wildfires.

Wrangling venomous snakes and crocodiles is not part of normal disaster response but it is a reality being faced by those dealing with the floods in Queensland, Australia.

I was in Queensland a couple of years ago providing disaster response training and I have to admit that we did not have a session on how to deal with these sort of dangers.

My main advice would be caution - we need to remember that the snakes are confused and angry as well - and like all animals are seeking refuge. If confronted stay calm and avoid sudden movements and wherever possible just steer clear!

The Australian situation is one of the worst I have monitored in recent times and sadly many animals may lose their lives in the rising waters.

As the waters recede, one of the most important things will be to provide food and vet care to some of the stranded animals and my friends at Queensland RSPCA tell me that they have the situation in hand at this point.

I have also been in touch with colleagues in northern New South Wales as the floods head south and we are poised to respond if called upon.

-- DG

For more information on IFAW efforts to protect animals around the world visit www.ifaw.org

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7 years ago

Is anyone monitoring the situation for animals in Brazil?? They already have massive numbers of street dogs now there will be so many more. because of the floods and landslides.
I can put you in touch with local people with very limited resources who are trying to help dogs. They need help.
Any suggestions? Anyone!

7 years ago

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7 years ago

REPOST!!!. There is a boarding kennel at Goodna with seventy dogs that will go under water later today. They have s...omewhere to put them but need people with dog trailers to get the dogs out. Anyone who can help please phone Sharon on 0412 112372. Please repost

7 years ago

Storage king has just put out an offer for those who live in Brisbane affected by floods for free storage, they have trucks and trailers available to help evacuate just call 1800storage. Paste this on your page let's get the word around guys.

7 years ago

From Canada, Montréal, Qc.

Hello! Dick, i am very impress to tell you that all those thing you do! That i read about you! (Ps. From Stéph. one of you reader IFAW Fans for saving live) Just? I dont no what to say? you are one and only prophet that give you live for those animals a mentor that care what i see whit lot of respect.

That man, is! SUPERMAN!!!!
Thank you ! Mr. Green!

7 years ago

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