“Sickening” Sable Island Seal Slaughter Plans Revealed

Thursday, 27 May, 2010
Guelph, Canada
A recent report brought to light this morning by the Halifax-based website “The Coast” reveals the Government of Canada’s grisly plans to kill and incinerate 220,000 grey seals in their protected Sable Island nursery.   The IFAW (The International Fund for Animal Welfare – www.ifaw.org) is horrified by the report, and is calling on the Government of Canada to categorically reject the proposal.

“The scenario being outlined is sickening” said Sheryl Fink, a senior researcher with IFAW. “They are literally considering storming the beaches of Sable Island at dawn, slaughtering nursing seal pups by shooting them in the head with rifles and then incinerating their bodies. It is absolutely appalling that that our government would consider such a diabolical project, at a cost to Canadian taxpayers of more than $35 million, simply to placate fishermen.”

The report was contracted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to examine logistics and costs of two options: killing 220,000 grey seals or giving an immunocontraceptive vaccine to 80,000 female grey seals on Sable Island. Remarkably, the study acknowledges that it did not examine whether or not the options being considered would actually address concerns being put forth by the fishing industry.

“This will certainly give new meaning to Sable Island’s nickname as the Graveyard of the Atlantic” said Fink.  “We are demanding that Fisheries Minister Gail Shea put an immediate stop to this outrageous, politically motivated and scientifically unjustified plan, which is bound to reinforce Canada’s growing reputation as an environmental pariah on the international stage,” concluded Fink.

IFAW maintains that any plans to cull marine mammals should be subject the United Nations Environment Programme’s Protocol for the Scientific Evaluation of Proposals to Cull Marine Mammals.

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