Lies Lies and more lies from Gail Shea? Or further evidence that Canada's Fisheries Minister doesn't have a clue about the seal hunt?

Today's media is all aflutter with the news that Fisheries Minister Gail Shea has "extended" the closing date for the seal hunt Newfoundland to May 31. The press release issued by DFO states that the closing time for the seal hunt under the Marine Mammal Regulations is May 15.

Once again, we are presented with further evidence that Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans is either being deliberately dishonest, or they are simply ignorant of the facts concerning Canada's commercial seal hunt. A look at the Marine Mammal Regulations shows that the close date for the commercial harp seal "harvest" is June 15, not May 15. In effect, the Minister has shortened the seal hunt, rather than extended it!!!

While we'd like to thank the Minister for unwittingly cutting short the cruel and wasteful seal slaughter, one has to wonder: when a Minister is so unaware of the basic regulations surrounding her own seal hunt, how can anything she says possibly be believed?

In addition, it appears as though this whole announcement is a farce. Minister Shea's grand display of support for the sealing industry, to "allow sealers more time" to kill seals is nothing more than show: a conversation with a DFO representative today confirmed that there is only a single boat out sealing at this time.


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