Cape Cod Stranding Network Merges with IFAW

Tuesday, 2 October, 2007
Yarmouth Port, MA
The Cape Cod Stranding Network (CCSN -, a small non-profit organization founded in 1998 and dedicated to responding to stranded marine mammals on Cape Cod and southeastern Massachusetts, today announced it has formally merged with IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare -
Under the proposed agreement, CCSN – including its employees, volunteers, and expertise – has  become part of IFAW. With a staff of five and a dedicated corps of more than 350 local volunteers, CCSN responds to 500-700 reports of stranded marine mammals each year.
“This is a merger that benefits both organizations,” said A.J. Cady, IFAW’s Director of Animals in Crisis and Distress. “Given IFAW’s global focus, we hope to utilize CCSN’s world-class stranding team here on Cape Cod, as a model for other hot spots around the world.”
“With the support of IFAW, the dedicated staff and volunteers of CCSN will now be able to concentrate all their efforts on helping stranded marine mammals. This merger will lessen our administrative burden and give us access to IFAW’s international scientific and animal rescue experience – but the real winners in this merger are the animals,” said Katie Touhey, now IFAW’s Emergency Relief Manager for Marine Mammals.
IFAW, along with CCSN and its many dedicated, trained volunteers will continue to respond to all reports of stranded marine mammals on Cape Cod and southeastern, Massachusetts.  
About Cape Cod Stranding Network (CCSN)
The mission of the Cape Cod Stranding Network (CCSN) is to promote the conservation of marine mammal species and their habitat by improving the rescue and humane care of stranded marine mammals, advancing stranding science, and increasing public awareness through education.

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