Pointing The Finger At Icelandic Whaling

Our colleagues in the Netherlands recently led a protest outside the Icelandic embassy.  They made some terrific model banners that said "the world is pointing at Iceland"  Indeed the world is watching Iceland as they look to join the EU but must adopt a common fisheries policy first.  A common policy on marine life means no whaling, let's hope they don't find a way around that!

The following post is from Marcel Bertsch, Director of our Netherlands office.

This morning we held our Icelandic whaling protest in Amsterdam, in front of their consulate. Unfortunately the Icelanders refused to accept our protest letter in public, only behind closed doors with no cameras present, but we still managed to deliver information of the great ad the campaign used. No photo's were allowed, but we did manage face the government that allows whaling in person.

Outside, following our German and UK collegues, we had prepared a great photo opportunity, using the 'finger pointing' creative element of our campaign. It did attract attention from the public and certainly from those in the building. Check out the picture! 


It was a great campaign moment that demonstrated no one can sweep the killing of whales under the rug, IFAW will point you out to everyone!

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7 years ago

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