IFAW celebrates start of UK hunt ban

Friday, 18 February, 2005
London, United Kingdom
Today heralds the end of cruel sports in the British countryside. The ban on hunting wild animals with dogs comes into force in England and Wales at midnight, after 15 years of campaigning by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). The new law makes it a criminal offence to use dogs to chase fox, deer, mink and hares.
IFAW has campaigned relentlessly for this ban since 1989, arguing that hunting with dogs is both cruel and unnecessary and cannot be made humane by any amount of regulation. Its two full-time hunt monitors have gathered vital evidence of cruelty and malpractice by hunts. Following the ban, IFAW’s hunt monitors will continue following hunts to ensure that they obey the law.

Phyllis Campbell-McRae, UK Director of International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said: “The ban on hunting with dogs will radically change the landscape of animal welfare in the UK and worldwide. Britain has banned a traditional practice because of the suffering it causes to animals. This should act as an inspiration and example to other countries where animals suffer for human entertainment.

“We thank all our supporters in the UK and worldwide who have helped us to achieve this victory for the welfare of wild animals.”

The campaign has included media events, advertising campaigns and forming close working relationships with anti-hunting members of parliament. It was supported by frequent polling that showed repeatedly that the majority of the British people thought that hunting with dogs was cruel and should be made illegal.  

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