Looking To Volunteer As A Whale Researcher In Iceland?

Volunteers are needed for a whale study in Iceland. The fieldwork primarily involves cetacean mapping and behaviour observations from a land-based station. Also, the fieldwork includes boat-based line-transect observations (1 – 2x a month) and behavioural observations during whale watching tours. 

The fieldwork is weather dependent, during observations volunteers are expected to work for 8 – 10 hours and get 2 – 3 days off each week. The research period will run from May to Sept. /Oct. 2009. It is possible to agree on a shorter stay but minimum working period is 2 months. Accommodation will be provided free of charge, however we do not have funding for volunteers’ daily living and travel expenses. We will assist prospective volunteers finding reasonably priced domestic travel tickets.

Biological background is required, prior experience working on cetaceans is also preferred but not required. Volunteers will receive valuable experience in cetacean research fieldwork that can be very beneficial if one intends to seek further educational or working experience within the field. Priority will be given to applicants who can stay for the whole research period 

Please send an email to eem@hi.is with a motivation letter and a CV before as soon as possible Be specific about how much time you can commit to. 

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