Record crowds attend anti seal hunt rallies in Canada

Crowds of demonstrators attended rallies across Canada over the weekend  as part of the International Day of Action Against the commercial seal hunt. Events were held in 11 Canadian cities, with the participation of at least 19 differerent NGOs - including IFAW.

IFAW large group shot CROP

In Ottawa and Toronto, people were entertained by a brief performance by ‘The Harper Seals’ band. The idea was conceived as a way to encourage more Canadians to attend the events (who might not otherwise go to a typical protest). It certainly worked! In Toronto, over 1,800 people supported Senator Mac Harb's bill to end the commercial seal hunt.

Ottawa’s event in the Byward Market was followed by a walk to Parliament Hill and on to the European Commission building, to show support for their proposed ban on the trade in all seal products. The atmosphere in Ottawa was especially positive after a moving speech by Senator Harb – the first Canadian politician to introduce legislation that would end to the commercial seal hunt.

Whilst Calgary’s event organiser said that it was the biggest turnout at an animal welfare event in the city (ever!)

Thanks to everyone that supported these events. Please contact us if you can help get petition signatures to support Senator Harb. Or you can download the petition on this website (the petition can only be signed by Canadians). Supporters from the rest of the world can also take action by contacting their local Canadian embassy in support of Senator Harb’s bill.

The tide is turning, we need you to be a part of it!

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8 years ago

How many cows,chickens,turkeys etc are slaughtered every year to feed the people apposed to hunting seals.I live on vancouver island and have eaten canned seal meat from a newfie friend.It tastes great and as we all known here in the pacific region seal numbers are at a alltime high and also need to be culled to protect our valuable resourses.Try using common sense and focus on feeding the hungry people whom would be happy to have any thing to eat.It is plain to see that enviromentalists have too much time and money to think about the real issues of the world.

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