Suspected rabies in tourist area of Bali, Indonesia - Update

The Indonesian Minister of Agriculture, Anton Apriyanto has officially declared Bali as rabies infected, marking the first time that Bali has lost its "rabies-free" status. As the island is now considered at risk, there is a temporary ban on the import or export of dogs, cats, monkeys and other animals until further notice.

According to various sources there has been at least one confirmed human death from rabies, while three others are suspected.

Although a large number of dogs - suspected of carrying rabies - have been culled, hundreds of pet dogs have been vaccinated by Yudisthira, the mobile vet clinic, which is working closely with the government. Every animal vaccinated is issued with a collar and card certifying their rabies-free status. The hope is that by acting quickly in the affected areas with vaccinations and public education that the outbreak will be under control within three months.

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8 years ago

Best of luck controlling the outbreak!
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