"Pitty Sakes" - a happy ending for a rescue from Hurricane Ike

As reported back in September, IFAW sent our Emergency Relief team to the Gulf coast to assist in the rescue of animals left abandoned in the wake of Hurricane Ike.  One of the areas of focus was in Anahuac, Texas where we set up a sheltering operation.  Below is a heartwarming update of one of the rescues from that site.

Pitty Sakes was rescued by Manny Maciel of American Humane (AHA), one of the groups IFAW was working alongside in Texas and brought to the IFAW shelter in Anahuac that same day. Due to her neglected state and her breed, Pitty did not find a new owner before the shelter team had to demobilize when the rescue efforts were complete.  Luckily, she was placed under the care of local vet Dr. Mel Whitten.

After a few weeks, Christine McEntyre (Texas CARRT), who had worked with IFAW during the sheltering operation, took care of Pitty and found her a new forever home in San Antonio.  Here are a few words from Christine:

"Here are “Before” and “After” pictures of Pitty Sakes, she is now in her new forever home after being cared for by Dr. Whitten and treated for mange, heartworms, parasites, and more. She is now healthy, current on everything, has weight on her, and is microchipped.  Pitty now lives indoors, sleeps in bed with her new human companion, goes to the dog park, naps on the couch, is all filled out...happy, healthy, perky and well loved…. A true happy ending!!!"

    Pitty Before Copyright C.McEntyre   Pitty Healthy Copyright C. Stockman

Thank you to all of our supporters who support IFAW and our efforts to rescue abused and abandoned animals around the world.  Because of you IFAW is there whenever...wherever disaster strikes.

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8 years ago

my sister in law had adopted a pitty from jen at pitty rescue in RI. she adoptated him in December and sincce then it has been nothing but problems. he was diagnosed with a bone disease in his jaw, and has deformity in his jaw. my sister in law has been taking him back and forth to the vet, to ease his pain. when adopting him, the lady jen had told her he was a healthy puppy. it is not fair that someone could charge someone a 400 dollare adoption fee, when the puppy is not well. she has 2 other pits and never did they have these problems. why she dosent answer her phone now, is because she meaning jen knows she did wrong. you dont lie to people and lead them to believe they are getting a healthy pup, when they arent. my sister in law loves this dog to pieces, but wants answers. the lady now has moved and will not pick up a phone. we had notified her the first time he went to the vet. now it's like playing phone tag with her. my sister in law dosent want to give him back or up, all she wants is answers. did his mom or dad have these problems, or any of the siblings? thsi lady shoould not be able to foster any animal when she treats them the way she does. i feel that she was wrong in selling him without informing anyone of his condition. my two nephews also love there puppy, but how to you sell a sick dog to two little kids. what if if he bite them because he dosent feel good, it's not the dogs fault. it was and is the lady jenn's fault. she sold a sick puppy under the conditions that he was healthy. she lied what else has she lied about. i understand she is trying to do good by pitts but you dont sell something under false pretenses. what if my sister in law didnt have the money it's taking to support his dr's visits? just let the dog suffer. I think that lady jenn pulled a fast one over my sister in law, and if she did it to her how many others are out there too from her that are sicka s well. this lady should not be in the puppy or dog business. it's funny that after she sold her the puppy she moved and now dosent return any phone calls either. she knew what she did and in the long run, karma is a bitch and she will get hers. thanks for selling us a sick puppy. we will take good care of him, just wish we knew ahead of time that he was sick.

9 years ago

The first picture is quite sad. Glad to see she recovered.
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