Revitalised in Vancouver…

This update was sent over by the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Campaigns Officer, Ellie Dickson

We’ve just held an event in Vancouver, encouraging members of the public to ask their candidates what their position is on Canada’s commercial seal hunt.

Cropvan2We had an overwhelming response from people, which was really inspiring. Lots of people were thanking us for being there , and they were really happy to have the opportunity to take action on an issue that they care  deeply about. I particularly remember speaking to a businessman who said that he often gets asked about the seal hunt when on business in Europe (how sad that people think of that when they think of Canada). I was also very touched by one of our supporters, who, despite a twisted ankle, has been really working hard to distribute our posters and information about our campaign, in advance of the elections.  Thank you to all our supporters who have helped us raise the issue of Canada's commercial seal hunt with their local candidates.

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