IKE Update 09/17: ER Team Continues Sheltering Operation in Texas

The following is an update from IFAW Emergency Rescue team member Michael Booth currently in Texas

Shelter_puppy_credit_jan_hannah As flood waters quickly receeded, IFAW's on the ground efforts turned from search and rescue to several sheltering operations.  As of September 16th, the ER crew will be working in Orange and Anahuac, Texas.

The shelter in Orange was inundated with 3 feet of water during Ike and was severely damaged. We will help them get on their feet and prepare the shelter for a high influx of stray dogs expected to arrive starting today. In the aftermath of Hurricane Rita 3 years ago, 125 animals were Shelterorangetx3brought to the Animal Shelter in Orange, so we anticipate a similar amount this time around. Our work will focus on getting the basic infrastructure back up and running first and then start runs that will bring in stray animals and animals that were left behind...in homes, fenced in, or tied by their owners.

In Anahuac, the IFAW team there is working closely with Texas SART to set-up a shelter at the local Fairgrounds.  We are expecting to receive between 100 - 200 animals, as well as hundreds of livestock in need of feed.

We would also like to thank everyone who has offered to join us in Texas.  We appreciate the support.Cleaning_crates_gleason_2

And finally - Mufaso, the rottweiler we rescued earlier this week is currently still housed at the local shelter.  He has not yet been returned to his legal owner.  We will keep you posted if we receive any further updates.

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8 years ago

To je ono što radiš je samo za pohvaliti ..

9 years ago

I really hope Mufaso is not returned to his previous guardians. Someone who leaves a dog tied to the house outside, knowing a severe storm is coming should not be allowed to have animals ever again. Mufaso has been thru enough and needs to go to a home that will give him the love and care he needs and deserves. INSIDE!!!!

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