Gustav: Update from Louisiana: August 31


Update: IFAW is now on the ground in Texas and Louisiana following Hurricane Ike.  Read an update from IFAW Emergency Rescue team member Michael Booth currently on the ground in Lake Charles, Louisiana rescuing family pets and other animals.

Since the mandatory evacuations have begun in New Orleans, the IFAW staff have been unloading and admiting animals at the "megashelter" in Shreveport.  The section that the IFAW team is responsible for now contains 63 dogs, 18 cats and 1 bird.  Additionally, our team has taken over the supervision of birds and reptiles in the exotics section which currently has approximately 40 admissions.

With the evacuations nearing completion this evening, plans are underway to keep the animals and staff safe as Gustav makes landfall.

IFAW's rescue and communications vehicles - which are only possible through the generousity of our supporters - are stocked up and ready to deploy should search and rescue operations be necessary.

We are proud to be part of this effort to ensure that evacuees can take shelter, knowing that their animal friends are safe and will be waiting to reunite with them once the danger has passed.

Our ability to respond is only possible through the generosity of our supporters - with out them, we would not have the funds necessary to be prepared whenever and wherever disaster strikes.  Please consider making a donation.

Our thoughts tonight are with the residents all along the gulf coast, the animals and our staff as Hurricane Gustav makes landfall.

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