Two Days To Go; Will The Gloves Come Off?

Only two days remain in the week-long IWC meeting and the two toughest issues,Greenland’s quota increase and the South Atlantic Sanctuary,  face the floor today.  No one knows if either will be put forward for a vote, but what we do know is that as of this morning, Denmark still was advocating for one.  This is a tough spot considering the atmosphere here feels like you’re walking on this ice and that any moment we’ll all crash into frigid waters.

Right now the 81 commissioners are having a private meeting.  Likely it’s about putting the Greenland issue to vote.  IFAW doesn’t weigh in on subsistence issues, but it will be interesting to see how this impacts the South Atlantic Sanctuary proposal.  The Sanctuary could simply not happen because of the IWC is in a state of suspended animation and not because a lack of supporting science.  So much for science based management.  (Hogarth’s point number one!)

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