We Survived The Storm

Shelter_dog The most intense part of the storm came through last night, rattling our tents and flashing like high beams on a car just two feet away. Needless to say most of did not sleep. There are a few, select, lucky individuals that have prime sleeping spots inside one of the trailers on site. They were startled by the constant rocking of the trailer but escaped having soggy sleeping bags and shoes the next morning.

There's always a point during a response that reminds you that the comforts of home are very far away. Last night was it.

For the past two days I've been working at the Quincy Humane Society by request of the local animal control officer and the Society director. The shelter is at capacity because the flood has rendered a number of homeless animals. Not only do they have a full house, but they also lost two staff just after the floods. The shelter itself was a 10-year project in the making and just opened at their new site in April 2008. Because of the latest innovation in design, the current residents are resting in one of the state's nicest shelters.

Meanwhile, back at our staging area, the two boat rescue teams I mentioned earlier responded to a call by the state of Iowa indicating that a number of pigs were stranded on the levee in the middle of the Mississippi River. The two other groups that we have been collaborating with, American Humane and Farm Sanctuary, were also part of the team to respond to this call. Two boats deployed into the river Monday evening. An extensive search for the stranded pigs until the point the sun completely set did not turn up any results. The team checked in with the state at that point to clarify the issue, the exact location of these animals and further steps to getting to where they are.

There is still a possibility that we can get to those animals and we are working towards that now.

Tomorrow we will be helping out at the Humane Society once again while continuing to care for animals on site here. We finally installed phone and internet access into our rescue trailer yet the weather constantly has the potential to disable that. Local weather reports indicate the rivers are staying high.

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9 years ago

Shelter for Pets in Flooded Cedar Rapids.

Great story in today's New York Times about the municipal animal shelter in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which has temporarily relocated to Kirkwood Community College, uphill from the flooding. UPDATE: IFAW's rescuing both pets and pigs.

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