Big Ditch Pig Rescue Begins

Pig_rescue_1Friday was the first day for feeding operations on the levee. Due to the receding of floodwaters, it is becoming very difficult to get out to the levee by boat. One of the rescue teams spent up to three hours traveling five miles out to the levee, due to the long stretches of mud encountered. They were forced to pick up their boats, including pig food and gear, up to 600 lbs, to get thru the muddy areas, until the waters were deep enough to get back into the boat. Time on the levee was spent by each team counting the number of live pigs, as well as assessing the condition of the animals. Some responders were even able to put aloe on the pigs' raw, sunburnt, and often bleeding ears, to ease the burns.

Overall, it was a grueling day for everyone involved. The rescue teams will continue to monitor the situation until it's possible to move the pigs to safer ground.

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