Multinational Media Briefing Call Hosted by IFAW Experts

A Telephonic Press Briefing in advance of 80-nation International Whaling Commission meeting taking place in Santiago, Chile

This press briefing call is designed to provide key media with information on the top issues to be considered by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) at their annual meeting beginning June 23rd in Santiago, Chile. This year is expected to be as contentious as previous years, with pro-whaling nations pitted closely against anti-whaling nations, and behind the scenes negotiations by some key nations, including the U.S. and Japan, setting the stage for a possible lifting of the global ban on commercial whaling.

Experts with more than a decade of experience attending IWC meetings
will offer insights into this global forum, its key players, and how
decisions made at this year’s meeting will impact the world’s whale
species. An open Q&A session will follow brief introductions from
each speaker. Media are encouraged to ask any question they may have as
they begin preparing to cover this important meeting.

Patrick Ramage – Head of IFAW Global Whale Program
Vassili Papastavrou – International whale expert and senior member of IFAW’s IWC team

Wednesday, 18 June 2008
11am – Eastern U.S. time
8am – Pacific U.S. time
11am – Chile time
4pm – United Kingdom

The press briefing will be webcast and archived here.

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Since 1969
IFAW has worked around the globe to protect wild and domestic animals,
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