Is IFAW against all forms of whaling?

I wanted to take a minute to clarify IFAW's position on whaling.  Japan works pretty hard to compare their industrialized whaling operations to that of subsistence whaling. That's just wrong and plainly insulting to native people who have respected and lived off the oceans for centuries.

IFAW's global whale campaign focuses on major threats to whales
including resurgent commercial whaling by Japan, Norway and Iceland and
efforts to resuscitate the international trade in whale meat.   IFAW
opposes commercial whaling in the 21st century because it is inherently
cruel, meets no human need, is impossible to police, and poses a grave
conservation threat to our planet's great whales. 

IFAW does not campaign on the issue of Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling.
We are aware of the recent WSPA report on Greenland's whale hunt and
related media coverage. IFAW is not campaigning on this issue but is
following it closely as our international team of scientists and experts
prepares for the 60th annual meeting of the IWC next week in Santiago,

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