Update From Santiago: 6/25

Let me break down just what is happening here at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting over the past 18 hours.

Greenland wants to increase their subsistence quota by 10 Humpbacks.

Latin American countries want to see the South Atlantic Sanctuary go through

But everyone has agreed to not have any votes.

Denmark has said they want a vote on Greenland, the rest of the E.U. disagrees with Denmark.

Latin American countries say that if a vote is proposed on Greenland they’ll put the South Atlantic Sanctuary to vote.

So if Denmark puts Greenland’s Humpback whaling request to a vote then the spirit of consensus could go out the window.  Many think that that Greenland’s request will actually pass as Japan and the pro whaling countries might let the vote go through in exchange for allowing Japan’s commercial coastal whaling proposal….

Now we’re starting to discuss scientific whaling.  Think anyone will claim the research is needed for ocean management, or for the freezer section of markets in three countries?

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