Update From The Song Of The Whale

On Monday, we woke up early because Beth was going to the shore station with Jonathan and Mayumi was going to do a television interview for Canary TV. Shortly after Beth and Jonathan left at 7:30, the reporter and the camera guy showed up to interview Olly about the Song of the Whale, IFAW, and the project that we are working on here in El Hierro. Mayumi did an excellent job translating for Olly Later we heard that the interview was a success and we are hoping to be able to obtain a copy of the interview with Olly and Mayumi's voice! After the interview, the camera guy took some footage of the computer showing some beaked whale acoustic clicks and of some of the boat. The reporter then went to the shore station and took footage of the Spanish team and Beth and Jonathan watching for beaked whales and informing the boat. Beth took video of the shore station, and interviewed several members of the Spanish team for the Song of the Whale video archive. It was a quiet day for beaked whales, and the conditions were difficult for viewing, so the Spanish team took off early to crunch some data, and Beth and Jonathan saw a few pilot whales later in the day.  Beth felt much more confident at detecting whales and dolphins after the day on land.  The Song of the Whale saw the same pilot whales.

On Wednesday, Olly, Niklas, and Jonathan left early for the shore station and Thursday Jonathan and Tim had shore station duty.  It was a slow few days for whale viewing.  We saw several turtles, common dolphins, and some bottlenose dolphins but no beaked whales. Even though the water was very calm, the shore station didn’t have many sightings either. Fortunately, we managed to get some good acoustic recordings.  Wednesday was Olly’s birthday, and Magnus made a wonderful vegetable paella dinner and Doug made a cake.  Today we had more plastic stuck in the propeller and Magnus had to dive under the boat to retrieve it.  Tomorrow is the weekly produce market – and just in time since we have used almost everything we bought last week. 

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