Whale and Dolphin Watching Injects Millions Into Pacific Economy

Whale and dolphin watching is one of the fastest growing industries in the Pacific, injecting millions of dollars into local economies, according to a report recently released by IFAW.

The Pacific Islands Whale Watch Tourism Report was released by Pacific Island whale watchWhale_watching_2ing industry leaders at their first meeting in Auckland. The report said there had been "spectacular growth of the whale and dolphin watching industry and its marked contribution to the economy in the region".

The report found there were 110,746 whale watchers in the Pacific region in 2005 compared to just 10,309 in 1998. The number of countries with whale watch operations had increased from nine in 1998 to 14 in 2005. Over the seven-year period direct expenditure on whale and dolphin tourism had increased from $US500,000 ($NZ634,899) to over $US7.5 million ($NZ9.66million).

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