News Round up: Seal hunt 2008, a dolphin rescuer and kangaroos need rescued

Seal_hunt_2008 Footage from seal hunt refutes ‘humane hunt’

IFAW has been witnessing first hand cruel and unnecessary hunt tactics this year in Canada. To know and see the real story visit our blog at

Dolphin saves mom and baby sperm whale: Questionable or not?

"Quite clearly the attitude of the whales changed when the dolphin arrived on the scene," Smith said. "They responded virtually straight away. The dolphin managed in a couple of minutes what we had failed to do in an hour and a half."

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The culling of kangaroos stopped and translocation is likely.

The debate continues. The plan was to cull about 400 kangaroos due to overpopulation, but officials are now proposing a scientific trial to relocate the animals.

Families move out, leave pets locked inside.

Shelters and animal rescue organizations across the country are packed cage-to-cage with dogs and cats, even birds and reptiles, that have been ditched or dropped off as scores of foreclosed-upon homeowners relocate.

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