Whale curry

Japan insists it must hunt endangered whales for research purposes.  Oddly enough, at the same time the controversial hunt is underway, many Japanese restaurants are starting to feature new menu items made from whale meat.  The restaurant owners reason that while the hunt is only for research, it would be a shame to "waste" the resulting meat, hence its appearance on menus.  The argument would be more believable if the vendors of the meat weren't so enthusiastic about it.  One chef has even invented a special "whale curry" for the occasion.

Very little whale meat has been eaten in Japan in recent years.  In fact, the meat is so rare and even disliked that most young Japanese have never even tasted it.  If Japan only plans their hunt for scientific purposes, it's very peculiar that restaurants are acting as if whale meat is back to stay for good.  Perhaps there's no end of "scientific research" to be undertaken when you're working on new recipes.

Leigh-Ann Gerow

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