The Taiping 4 Go Home - The calm before the storm…

Just a few hours away now from the long-awaited return of the now famous Taiping Four gorillas. Few times have I ever really felt a sense of ‘calm before the storm’ as I do today. After a hectic Monday which involved several meetings to discuss logistics, communications and completing much needed improvements on the transport cages for the gorillas, everything seemed to slow down today, it’s as everyone is saving their energy for what will surely be a very busy and exciting day tomorrow.

In this momentary respite, we easily forget about what we will encounter in just a few hours. Moving these four gorillas from South Africa to Cameroon is easily said than done and it will involve the diligent work of many men and women who will travel alongside the gorillas from stretchers to pick-ups, cranes, trucks, planes and more, traveling a distance of some 2600 miles from the National Zoological Gardens of Pretoria, South Africa to the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon.

T4gorillas3web_2 But for now, we are calm, we pause and think of what this move represents. Taking these young gorillas back to their home range in Cameroon carries a powerful conservation message. These four individuals will undoubtedly benefit as they now face a promising future together with 11 other gorillas at Limbe, but this move is more than that, it’s a hard-earned opportunity to highlight the plight of a critically endangered species, an animal so close and familiar to us and yet only a step away from disappearing forever.

Thanks to the generous support of IFAW's donors, we have been given a chance to change the life of four gorillas, and in doing so, also continue to promote the welfare and protection of animals around the world. Please stay tuned for timely updates as we make our way to Cameroon.

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