IFAW Comes to the Aid of California Wildlife

Julie_and_goose1_3 It's not only people that have been losing homes this past week as fires have raged through California.  Many Wildlife Rehabilitation centres in the threatened areas have also been forced to evacuate.  And IFAW has stood by ready to assist.

The following is a report from IFAW ER Team Member Barbara Callahan who is out in California.

The IFAW ER team worked today to relocate 21 domestic ducks, geese and swans from a Project Wildlife satellite facility in Temecula to the International Bird Rescue Research Center facility in San Pedro, CA where the animals were medically evaluated and admitted to the center.  These animals will remain at IBRRC until the fire threat is over and they can be returned to the Project Wildlife facility.  This facility also has a 1 year old, male deer that is a fire victim but, luckily, isn’t burned and only has some bruising and a few scrapes.  The deer may need to be moved to a safer location on Thursday and we will continue to monitor and assist if needed.  There are a number of donkeys in the same area that may need relocation, as well.

The IFAW ER Team has been fielding calls and requests from many wildlife rehabilitators and rehabilitation centers and worked to coordinate resources with needs, as well as supply animal transport, food and other support.  So far, we have been able to respond to 10 requests.

We will continue to monitor the wildlife issues and needs as the fires progress and stand ready to respond to wildlife and other animals in need.

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