Austrailian IFAW Office Holds Event During APEC!

This past week during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperative (APEC) in Sydney Austrailia where George Bush (USA), Shinzo Abe (Japan), Vladimir Putin (Russia) Hu Jintao (China) and others were in town holding high level talks (and causing traffic chaos!) the IFAW Austrailia office held a demonstration on Bondi Beach unveiling 50 placards of 50 different Australian Humpback tails symbolising 50 Humpbacks that could be killed at the end of this year as part of Japans’ expanded JARPA II scientific whaling program.

The video above documents a bit of the event...

To coincide with Japan’s PM being in town and as part of our regional ‘Humpback 50’ campaign we placed an open letter in The Australian calling on Australia’s Prime Minster to raise the issue with his counterpart from Japan Shinzo Abe during the APEC meeting.

The open letter was signed by 60 people including former PM of Australia, Malcolm Fraser, who was the Prime Minister responsible for banning whaling in Australia in 1979. (He is from the same conservative party that is in power now !)

At this event we also launched another stage of the Humpback Icon Project, with three of Sydney’s biggest councils unveiling their adopted Humpback whale as part of the project. Each of the councils spoke passionately about the need to protect these whales (in particular their adopted whale) and the need to protect them for future generations – not to allow them to be slaughtered in their Antarctic feeding grounds at the end of this year.

For more information visit's Humpback section...

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