Orphaned Grizzly Bear Cub Gets a Second Chance


A six-month old orphaned grizzly bear cub, who arrived at the NLWS (Northern Lights Wildlife Society) in Smithers, BC on 2 July, will be cared for night and day until it can be released back into the wild.

The BC Government, IFAW and NLWS have formed a unique alliance—supporting a grizzly bear rehabilitation pilot project to ensure that bear cubs like this one get a second chance.

NLWS has rehabilitated and released 107 black bear cubs but this is the first cub in the new pilot grizzly bear project, which will monitor and evaluate cubs post-release.

Kim Elmslie, an IFAW staffer, who is working with NLWS in the rehabilitation effort said..."This cub will be benefiting from the best care available and has an excellent chance of survival."

IFAW has been involved with bear rehabilitation for many years and recently sponsored an international workshop on the rehabilitation and release of orphaned bear cubs. The workshop brought together experts from around the world, including Angelika Langen from NLWS, to discuss methods currently being used to raise and release orphaned cubs.

"With grizzly bears facing increased threats ranging from habitat loss to conflict with humans, we are just so pleased to be able to give this little bear another chance." said Angelika.

IFAW and the NLWS are pleased that the BC Government is showing real leadership in finding positive solutions for orphaned grizzly bears that will see them returned to the wild where they belong.

Updates on cub’s rehabilitation can be found on the IFAW website at www.ifaw.org or on Northern Lights website at www.wildlifeshelter.com.

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9 years ago

Has anyone else out there had trouble getting an official tax receipt from the Northern Lights Wildlife Society in Smithers, BC? Repeated requests for an official receipt are ignored or dismissed. Seems to be an unfortunate way to operate for an organization that solicits funds from the public and promises tax receipts.

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