Flooding forces evacuation at Texas zoo

More than 100 animals were evacuated from the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville, Texas on Monday as flood waters from heavy rains crept into cages and enclosures.  The rescue effort went smoothly and quickly, in stark contrast to a botched rescue back in 1981 when dozens of animals drowned with no flood evacuation plan in place.  Not only has the zoo since added a levee and a plan, they had a chance to run a dress-rehearsal three weeks ago when the zoo was also evacuated after less serious flooding.  All the practice contributed to a problem-free experience today which took just two hours.

Most of the animals were taken to higher ground within the city limits, but a few of the largest animals remained on zoo property, in areas above the water.  Zoo officials hope to return the animals to their regular enclosures on Thursday or Friday as the water has receded, and volunteers from the Dallas Zoo will be on hand to help.

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