IFAW Save the Whales Plane Tour - End of the Line!

In this, the final video entry from the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Save the Whales Plane Tour, IFAW Global Whales Program Manager Patrick Ramage and his son Henry sign off with a call to action at the 59th International Whaling Commission meeting this week and a brief review of their entire journey.  Many thanks to everyone who has watched to date...and to all those who have taken action on behalf of the world's whales...please let anyone you know who also cares about saving these magnificent creatures for future generations to visit stopwhaling.org now.

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8 years ago

Saving Tips
very good blog
james tiler

11 years ago

Thank you for sharing. I wish the plight of Wales in the Arabian sea can receive more attention; they DO need it.
Omar, https://binawadh.blogspot.com/ https://omar-basawad.blogspot.com/

11 years ago

What an awesome adventure for a worthy cause that surely enlightened many hearts and minds.Henry,your passion is contagious!
Thank you for letting all of us experience your adventure and become aware of the plight of the whales.
~Cousin Martha

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