IWC blog post – May 31, 2007 – Final day.

The 59th annual meeting of the IWC came to a close today with many nations calling for a conservation-minded future for whales. A majority of the present nations exhibited a strong anti-whaling sentiment and the IFAW team is very pleased with the strengthened conservation majority at this year’s meeting.

Unlike last year’s IWC meeting, Japan was unable to push through any of the proposals on its pro-whaling agenda. In fact, the committee adopted a resolution condemning Japan’s “scientific whaling” proposal, which proved to be one of the great victories for whales this week.

The resolution on Japan’s coastal whaling proposal was condemned on the
floor by a variety of anti-whaling countries. In fact, Japan chose to
withdraw it, knowing that it would lose badly if the proposal were put
to the vote.

However, the fight for these great creatures must continue as Japan
indicated that it will move forward with plans to kill more than 1,400
whales (including 50 humpbacks) in the coming year despite the global
moratorium on commercial whaling. IFAW and its whale team encourage
supporters to take action to show Japan that its whaling plans will not
be supported by the global community.

Several members of the whale team including Patrick Ramage, Jennifer
Ferguson-Mitchell and Joth Singh will travel on to The Hague,
Netherlands to take part in CITES meetings where the whale debate will
continue – this time on the issue of commercial trade in whale
products. This year’s IWC was successful in the sense that we are one
step closer to achieving forum to create a better world for the great
whales; however there is a lot of work to do between now and the next
IWC meeting in Chile.

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help save whales and put a stop to commercial whaling...and thank you
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