IFAW Save the Whales Plane Tour - 3 More Cities!

IFAW Global Whales Program Manager Patrick Ramage and his son Henry continue their tour of the US in support of IFAW's stopwhaling.org campaign and land in Chicago, Santa Fe and Des Moines!

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10 years ago

Hi there!
I am a blogger at the Greenpeace Defending Whales blog, and I can't believe I haven't seen *your* blog until now! I feel silly!
Anyway, you are doing such GREAT things. I am just amazed.
I'm an American living in Amsterdam, and guess where I'm from: New Mexico! So I am very excited that you're goign to Santa Fe (I'm from Albuquerque, which is about 60 miles south of Santa Fe).
I hope you meet some cool and enthusiastic people there. I know they're around! It's a very environment-friendly city, with lots of animal rights activists.
I'll let my parents in Albuquerque know you're coming. Don't think they can be there, but I'll have them keep an eye on the news! They taught me all about whales when I was a little kid (about 30 years ago!).
Take care, and good luck!!

10 years ago

This, in particular, is an incredibly special video. I simply loved watching it; sitting here with tears of joy and pride. Know your save the whales talks, plane journey and message is touching many hearts.

10 years ago

hi henry and dad
this is isabelle spykcyn haw are you dooyn i now i am vary fin

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