Weekend Blog: Whale Tour Goes Green

Hello friends! It's Saturday, and we are en-route to Vancouver, BC. While I have a few extra minutes aboard the whale plane, I wanted to let you know about what the Whale Plane Tour and IFAW are doing to help reduce the affects of global warming.

At IFAW we are extremely aware of how our actions can cause a domino effect in the environment. We are constantly looking into how we as an organization can monitor and reduce own carbon footprint. As an organization working to build a better world for animals and people, we want to make sure we are doing our part not just in our campaigns, but in the way we conduct our own operations as well. We are now taking steps now to be mindful of our habits and the growing problem of global warming.

Whale_plane_2 For the whale plane tour, right from outset, we were intent on going carbon neutral for all activities associated with our cross-country trip.

IFAW is working with various online systems and models to calculate the exact carbon output of the Cessna 402 that is flying our whale tour route from Cape Cod to Anchorage. We are also compiling the carbon outputs of other activities associated with the trip, such as the commercial travel to and from each of our event stops for all staff and contractors working on the tour. After the tour is complete, based on the total carbon output of the entire trip, we are going to offset our contribution to global warming in two ways. 

The first will be through support for the World Land Trust. We are going to donate the cost of our carbon footprint and purchase elephant habitats in Asia that will be set aside as part of a special land trust. The second will be a similar donation to Atmosfair, a fund that supports renewable energy development.

At the end of the trip, IFAW will be posting and sharing information online about our total carbon output, these contributions and how those who are interested can learn more.

Henry and I and all of us at IFAW are committed to raising awareness of the threats to whales and other animals without raising the temperature on the planet we share with them!

On to Vancouver! Talk to you after we cross the Northern border!

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11 years ago

I love what you're doing on the tour and was very happy to see that you're planning to offset the carbon footprint for the project. Keep your fingers crossed for our Cali whales to find their way back to the ocean!

11 years ago

Hi Everybody,
We just woke up here in Juneau, Alaska. This morning we are up early to go WHALE WATCHING!
We are very happy the humpbacks in the Sacramento are on their way back to the ocean.
We will post another update soon.

11 years ago

Thanks to everyone involved in this wonderful project, best wishes from your friends in the UK animal welfare community.

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