News Round-up: Chimpanzee Island Feature and Poaching In India Leaves An Ugly Mess

Chimps 1. Ngmaba Island: This is a great article that highlights the work of several groups that support the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned chimps in Uganda, Africa. It's an isolated area designated to provide a safe haven for chimps who have lost their families.

2. Three groups are suing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over its decision to remove gray wolves from the endangered species list in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, reports a local news source.

3. Poaching has gone beyond traditional spear and rifle hunting techniques. Today power lines are used to electrocute animals while they travel through protected forest areas and telescopic rifles are fired long distance with special armour-piercing ammunition for an easier kill. Wildlife wardens are having problems keeping with these new poaching activities in Kaziranga National Park, India. BBC reports that a newly-formed gang of poachers killed six rhinos over the last three months - with two being shot over the last week.

4. Sadly, the pet food recall saga continues. Today Natural Balance Pet Foods has recalled two kinds of pet food after receiving reports of cats and dogs throwing up and experiencing kidney problems. Here's a good site that has documented the recent history of pet food recall.

5. Very cute hobby: here's an interview with a guy that designs gardens that are "dog friendly".

6. Ripped and mutilated remains of three endangered lions were found deep inside the Gir National Park, Gujarat, India. The claws and bones of the lions were missing and their bodies mutilated. "The endangered Asiatic lions are now on the verge of extinction thanks to a negligent and corrupt forest department in India", reports IBN Live.

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