Beijing Dog Rescue: Banjin

Banjin Shortly after Banjin was born, he owner began to feel the difficulties of pet ownership. Soon thereafter, Banjin was taken to the countryside north Beijing in July, and was abandoned there. This is where he began life as a stray dog, but was too young to handle the struggles of street life. Last summer, when the days were very hot and humid Banjin experienced a heatstroke near a pile of trash, and was later found by two kids from a pre-elementary school. They took Banjin to BHAEEC and the staff immediately gave him first aid. When he woke up, everyone was relieved. The staff prepared special diets for him everyday. On arrival Banjin weighed only ¼ of a kilo, that’s how his name came. Banjin means ¼ of a kilo in Chinese. After months of recovery and acclimating to a new life, Banjin now weighs 12.5 kilos. He has completely recovered and plays with new friends at the shelter everyday day.

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