Photo of the Week: Protect Polar Bears from Trophy Hunters

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the world everyday to rescue orphaned, injured, or mistreated animals.


Drowning polar bears have come to represent the face of the global warming threat. But in order to have a true chance at saving these amazing animals from the devastating impacts of climate change, we need to save them from trophy hunters first.

Numerous studies have now shown the effects of warming temperatures on declining polar bear populations and ice habitats -- from drowning and starving to reports of cannibalism among bears.  Sport hunters are not allowed to kill polar bears in the US. But thanks to a loophole in US law, US hunters can apply for a permit to kill a polar bear in Canada and bring their "trophy"- a polar bear's head or hide - back with them.  With polar bears more in danger than ever, it is time to close the trophy hunting loophole. 

Polar bears are the only marine mammals that are allowed to be trophy hunted and brought into the U.S. by sport hunters.  Even if polar bears are listed on the endangered species list, it does not mean that the sport hunting and importing from Canada as trophies will end. In fact, the government has stated on its website that if the species is listed as threatened, the Service would work with the Marine Mammal Commission, Congress, and all interested parties to consider a special rule allowing the continued import of trophies from healthy bear populations!

Please contact your federal representative and senators and urge them to support The Polar Bear Protection Act. Ask them to close the loophole that allows for sport hunters to kill polar bears and bring their hides and heads into the US.

The absurdity of hunting polar bears, with all of the other threats that they face, should end.

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8 years ago

I'm writeing this because I love animals because when I was little Ihad a lot of amimals.

8 years ago

polar bear hunting is soooooooooooooooooooo gross it blows my mind why people would try to kill off such a beautiful animal just to put it on there wall

9 years ago

i think it is very cruel to
kill those animals.those hunters are no better than
those bears.

10 years ago

Patrick, I think you are a fool and you should spare the internet your idiocacy. Obviously, it's only the money you care about. Bet you're a Bush-Cheney loving Republican.

10 years ago

Dear Geraldine
I don't think it is the Bear that bothers you. I think the problem is that your cousin is wealthy and perhaps you envy his wealth. Perhaps he knows this from your past statements at Holidays and he is just "pushing your buttons".
Keep your eye on the big picture. It is not bears in the snow but your children being included in his estate.

10 years ago

Good for you Geraldine! Do not be deterred.

11 years ago

You have every right to state your concerns, as they are valid. If your husband's cousin lowers himself to kill such animals, he needs to brace himself to be reprimanded by those who feel it is unethical and cruel. You are the voice they don't have!

11 years ago

I happened on your site and
saw that the photo of the week was the Polar Bear.
What a coincidence!. This morning I received an e-mail and photos of my husband's cousin in Alaska.
The picture was of a dead,
bloody polar bear that he had killed with his bow and arrow. He had a lenghty
narrative on the quest and the killing of the bear.
He stated he has been waiting ten years for this opportunity. He arrived in Alaska on April 17th.
I was so appalled that I wrote him an e-mail at 7:00
am and told him how I felt about what he did and the fact that he sent those pictures. He has other animal heads in his living room stuck on his wall. He
has been to Africa many times and comes back with his " TROPHY". How was he able to get permission to kill the Polar Bear?. My husband is not happy that I wrote to his cousin. I said it was my right to let him know that I love animals and didn't appreciate him sending such a photo. His cousin is
very wealthy and I think he feels that he can get whatever animal he wants.
Well, I just had to vent.
I just thought it was so strange that your picture and I are somehow linked.

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