Images Of Spring: Orphaned Squirrels

Img_0231 Every Saturday at Wildcare (IFAW sponsored wildlife rehab center on Cape Cod) is a new adventure. (See previous post about loons at Wildcare.)

This time of year brings in "spring babies" like orphaned birds and squirrels. Attached is a photo of a female orphaned squirrel, getting it's daily fulfillment of espalac, water and plain nonfat yogurt. The nonfat yogurt is added to prevent diarrhea, which also simulates it's mothers milk.

These photos were taken over the weekend, between spring clean-up, preparing for summer influx, and caring for the last of winters rehabilitated animals. However, just this morning I was talking to Betsy at the Center who told me another baby squirrel in dismal condition was brought in yesterday. They are doing all they can to rehabilitate the little guy, giving it a chance at survival.

Img_0241The end result in rehabilitating these orphaned baby squirrels (same goes with the birds) is to release them back into the wild. In several months time, I'll be sure to catch that on video for you!

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7 years ago

it looks cute so cute that is the cutist thing in the world

8 years ago

how old was it

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