News Round-up: Threats To Wildlife Continue...


The Champion for Animals campaign mentioned in #5 helps animals like this cat in South Africa rescued by The Emma Animal Rescue Society (Tears)

1. Houston Chronicle reporter Shannon Tompkins asks "Where have all the turles gone?" Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission says more than a quarter-million Texas turtles have been taken from the wild in the last three years. Tompkins notes that Asia has a strong appetite for turtles and that Texas lacks laws that would protect most turtles in the state from commercial harvesters. 

2. The Siberian tiger is at the brink of extinction due to the growing demand for its body parts, which are believed to have health benefits. Aljazzera reports on one controversial conservation effort: The Helonjiang Tiger Farm.

3. The impending arrival of 12 dolphins at Santo Domingo's Ocean World Adventure Aquatic Park in the Dominican Republic is creating quite a stir. The Dominican Academy of Sciences has denounced the sale and considers the method of capture "criminal." The Academy has teamed up with other organizations and plans to support an international boycott of the park.

4. A new report from the UN Environment Program warns that illegal logging is destroying the tropical forests of Southeast Asia far quicker than had been feared and will have a devastating impact on endangered orangutans and other wildlife.

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