News Round-up: Bear Bile Bust and the Pathetic Reality of Trapping Wildlife

Bear_bileA moon bear plays at the Pan Yu Bear Sanctuary, just one of many individuals rescued from bear bile farms.

1. Farming for bear bile has been attacked for it's inhumane ethics. Recently a Chinese medicine clinic in London was investigated only to be accused with the sale of bear bile. To understand more about the cruel practice of farming bear bile read stories from the Pan Yu Bear Sanctuary.

2. To start off with some good news today, rescue teams arrived in time to rescue two dogs who had fallen into an iced-over lake. It's a classic story of an animal rescue turning into a human rescue, however this group beat statistics and all made it out alive!

3. Animals get included in disaster plans. Since Hurricane Katrina many states are rethinking their disaster plans. Mentioned several months ago the Pets Acts was passed by both the House and the Senate, encouraging all states to include pets in their disaster plans. The Westchester Animal Response Team of New York meets monthly to review available sheltering options.

4. Steps to protect the Heart of Borneo look promising! This week all major players, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei signed an agreement to work together to protect Borneo's most coveted area where most of the worlds most endangered species live. This is also great news for the future survival of the orangutan (read diary entries from Borneo)!

5. The leghold trap. It's as gruesome as it sounds, yet it is a common method of capture in North America particularly in Canada. The issue made the front page of Care2News today. Common sense can tell you this practice in inhumane and unnecessary, however like the seal hunt, the leghold trap remains legal.

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