UPDATE: Video of Elephant Release in Manas National Park

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Img_0015_2Six elephants rescued from floods and human populated areas enjoy a new home in a park that is reserved just for them.

The two rhino calves that were released into Manas National Park, India last month have just been joined by six six rehabilitated elephants! Also, victims of flooding and human encroachment.

Manas is quickly becoming a new homeland in India for these protected animals. The area where these six elephants will learn how to be wild again extends from the Indian state of Assam all the way up to Bhutan. And once habituated, the six elephants will be allowed to join a wild herd.

This is the first time elephants have EVER been rehabilitated and released in India. All six have been rehabilitated at the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) and range in ages from 2.5 years old to 6 six years old.

(From previous post Jan. 2007): Every month elephants migrating through inhabited areas of India fall into man made ditches, are hit by cars, separated from their herds and often times poisoned. Elephants are a threat to farmers who can loose their year's crop in a matter of minutes to grazing herds. However, the elephant is loosing the safety of the open land to roam due to habitat encroachment. Read more: Indian Elephants in Crisis, by Dawn Smith.

Five of these elephants are believed to be victims of human encroachment and one was rescued from flood waters. Flooding is an annual occurrence in India and requires the rescue of many animals from dogs and snakes to rhinos and leopards.

"This is a historic occasion for India and the elephants. For the first time ever – we released hand-raised elephants back into their natural home. It is an  important step in creating a better world for animals and people.” A. J. Cady of IFAW who went with the elephants to Manas, said.


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