Round-Up of Who's Talking About Wildlife

Image_94 1. Every month elephants migrating through inhabited areas of India fall into man made ditches, are hit by cars, separated from their herds and often times poisoned. Elephants are a threat to farmers who can loose their year's crop in a matter of minutes to grazing herds. However, the elephant is loosing the safety of the open land to roam due to habitat encroachment.

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2. Wildlife for Sale: People in our own back yards are selling illegal animal products. Become a member of IFAW's Think Twice Campaign to help prevent this.

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3. IFAW's Asia Regional Director, Grace Gabriel, is currently presenting with a team at the Asia for Animals Conference.

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4. Elephants aren't the only animals feeling the pain of human encroachment. Yet the survival of the West Africa giraffe poses an interesting argument on conservation vs human survival.

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