Caribbean CARIBwhale Initiative

Whale_watching A photo of a whale viewed from a whale watching boat in Dominica.

Just heard this morning that the CARIBwhale initiative is finally taking off in the Caribbean!

The IFAW Whale team was in Dominica this past week finalizing the membership and formation of the CARIBwhale initiative. The team has been working hard, and still is working hard to promote responsible wildlife viewing practices…The CARIBwhale being one of them.

In light of the recent Iceland whale hunting discussions, I thought this was positive news...

Here is what Dr. Joth Singh, our Director of Wildlife and Habitat Protection, who was born in Trinidad had to say about CARIBwhale: "One of the goals of CARIBwhale is to get some of the benefits of whale watching to potential small operators, there is tremendous potential for growth in the whale watching industry in the Caribbean and there is an expressed commitment from the larger operators to provide training and exposure to individuals who may be interested in joining this growing industry." 

I’m secretly envious because they are getting to enjoy the sun of the Caribbean while the cold weather in the Northeast hovers in on us!

While we’re on the subject of whales…for those of you who don’t know about IFAW’s Song of the Whale, check this out. They too have the privilege of enjoying the world’s ‘better’ weather, but work endlessly to conduct research, campaign and educate almost every day of the year. The Whale Game is highly addicting too!

Good job Whale Team!

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