A Tragedy for Conservation

Kca_in_nepal_wm A village in the Kangchenjunga Conservation Area (where the WWF staff were returning from) credit: myhimalayas.com.

You never expect something like this to happen to your own team; a tragedy to happen so unexpectedly that takes the lives of devoted, compassionate and noble individuals. My thoughts and support go out to WWF in light of the recent news.

I cannot imagine the pain and remorse WWF staff must be feeling right now, receiving word that 7 of their staff have died in a fatal helicopter crash. The team was returning from a ceremony being held to mark a monumental step of the Nepalese government to accept responsibility of a community run conservation project in Kangchenjunga. The individuals that established this community project and worked hard to build the success of it have now left us with only a memory.

Shane Nickerson of Nickerblog worked first hand with the WWF staff in Nepal while filming the reality show Trippin’ and has provided a personal account of his experiences with two of the staff in particular.

It’s a truly heartbreaking story. Let’s hope the success of the Kangchenjunga Conservation Area project continues and the memory of the WWF staff lives on with the preservation of Nepal’s unique natural heritage. 

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