Helping Horses in Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA

This post was filed by International Fund for Animal Welfare Emergency Relief officer Gail A 'Brunzo, who is on site in Mountain Home providing care and medical services with her team.

The largest case of horse neglect in Arkansas history has occurred in Fulton County, Arkansas, where a horse dealer named Rodney Kankey was found to have left a herd of 117 horses and donkeys without food, water or medical attention.

According to reports, there had been several complaints of neglect at Kankey's farm over the past seven months. Previous complaints had led to warnings from authorities, but he did not comply.

On December 9, the ASPCA dispatched its Field Investigations and Response team to manage the investigation and seizure of 117 horses from Kankey’s property at the request of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. Working in conjunction with the local human society, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and American Humane Association (ASPCA), responders discovered several dead animals upon arrival on the property, and many horses showed various degrees of neglect, including old fractures and infections that were left untreated. The horses were later transported to the town of Mountain Home to its livestock auction barn as a temporary shelter, where they continue to receive food, water, and veterinary treatment and are being cared for around the clock. ASPCA and HSUS are teamed up financially but ASPCA is solely in charge of shelter management.
Fulton County Sheriff's department determined that Kankey had not provided any food or clean water for the horses since he was arrested for threatening several people with a gun on Thanksgiving Day. Kankey was formally charged with five counts of felony and 113 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty on December 30 and has posted bond.


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