270,000 Seals to be Hunted in Canada this Year

The Canadian Governenment announced the total allowable catch (TAC) today of 270,000 harp seals for this year's commercial seal hunt.  This has come despite the terrible ice conditions in the southern Gulf which has most likely resulted in 100% natural mortality of the pups in the area.  The lack of ice is causing thousands of pups to drown since they are not old enough to swim.     

Immediately following today's announcement our team began planning our strategy for documenting the hunt.  There is talk that the hunt will start on Tuesday and we'll be there bearing witness and documenting violations on behalf of the thousands of seals that will be killed for their fur.  In fact, right now we are planning our travel and resupply routes to best obtain footage of this cruel practice.

We hope this year will be our last trip out to the ice.  You can help us make this a reality by taking action and telling Prime Minister Harper that this hunt is cruel and pointless.         

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