WATCH: Learn about socializing, exercising your dog

One of the reasons why dogs and humans get along so well is that we are all social animals. Back when dogs were wolves they would grow up in packs and interact with each other from a young age. Our modern dogs are still very much social beings, but all too often in our busy lives we don’t give dogs the time to meet and greet each other.

Socializing your dog not only helps him or her play well with other dogs, but also with children, strangers, and other animals. It is just one component of having a great relationship with your companion.

And forming great relationships with dogs (and cats!) is why IFAW launched its free Animal Action Education pack “Cats, Dogs, and Us” for educators to use around the world!

From understanding how dogs communicate  to making sure your dog gets exercise, IFAW’s “Cats, Dogs, and Us” education pack help young people understand the responsibility people have in caring for the needs of cats and dogs.

If you haven’t done so all-ready, check out IFAW’s free “Cats, Dogs, and Us” Animal Action Education materials. The pack includes an entertaining — and educational — video, lessons, student magazine and more.

The kids will thank you for it!


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