VIDEO: Northern Dogs Project transfers adorable pups to their new foster homes

Watch as four adorable pups are welcomed to Kitchener, in Southern Canada, on the first step of their journey to their forever homes.


A few months ago we posted a picture of a lovely family of dogs who were living up north. At that time we were told that they were a mother, father, and two four month old pups.

What made this family so striking, other than the fact that one of the pups looked just like the dad and one looked just like the mum, was that they had stayed together—dog dad included!

Fast forward a few months and what did we learn?

Dad was actually another mum and while I’ve been told she is the mother of the other adult female, she could in fact be a sister …. No one knows for sure. 

What was known was that both of these girls had given birth to more pups in the interim—24 pups within weeks of each other!

While the transport of the original foursome didn’t work out as originally planned, IFAW’s Northern Dogs Project was once again contacted, but the numbers had changed. This time we were asked to take the extended family including any of the newest pups who were still around—the two mothers, two four-month-old pups and the new litters which now numbered 13 after four pups died and the others were adopted. 

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That is exactly what we are in the process of doing.

The other day, the older pups and two of the newest ones were driven two days from the northern community to Ottawa.

After some emailing back and forth with Pilots and Paws Canada, a not for profit organization whose pilot members fly dogs to where they can get new homes, and the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), who rescues and rehomes dogs, the plan was set. 

Pilots and Paws would fly the dogs from Carp airport to Kitchener and ARF would take the four cuties into their foster program in preparation for their forever homes. 

On a hot sunny day on the runway of the Kitchener airport, the first four pups from this extended family arrived to smiles and cuddles. 

Thanks to everyone who was involved in getting these pups south and on to the next phase of their lives. No worries, we are working on getting the two mums and remaining pups from the latest litters down as soon as possible.


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