UPDATED: Illegal tiger bone wine auction in Beijing must be stopped

UPDATED: 12.5.11

On Saturday, Chinese officials stopped the illegal auction of tiger bone wine. The International Fund for Animal Welfare applauds this decision, read the IFAW press release here.

And an article from a Guardian UK reporter who was at the auction, who quotes Grace, here.


Yesterday, I was shocked to discover listings for the sale of more than 400 bottles of ”tiger bone wine” at Chinese auction house Googut to take place tomorrow (Saturday) in a Beijing hotel.

The sale of products made from tiger bone is not only illegal and in violation of international convention but also blatantly disregards the pledge of China’s Premier Wen Jiabao to protect wild tigers by cracking down on the trade of tiger products. He made that pledge only a year ago this week at the at the Global Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I visited the auction preview today in person and unfortunately confirmed that tiger bone products produced by several Traditional Chinese Medicine manufacturers are on offer, along with carved rhino horn, which, just like tiger bone, has been illegal to buy and sell in China since 1993.

The sale of tiger products of any kind confuses the public, stimulates market demand and fuels poaching of tigers, a vicious cycle that is driving the tiger species to the brink of extinction; as few as 3,000 wild tigers survive.

IFAW has alerted the Chinese authorities to this illegal trade and urged them to shut down this auction.


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6 years ago

what you did is very good but what should the we do
we are getting bored ............!!!
try something new
and i cant believe that people really do these kind of things
i hope you people are putting a stop to this

6 years ago

This is just so terrible. I can't believe that people do this, just not caring and being ignorant and self centered. I hope that people are able to put a stop to this.

6 years ago

I cant beleive that China gets away with this?!! Unfortunately they have a long list of animal cruelty-enough is enough!!! It has been proven scientifically-its afact that these so called remedies serve no purpose to the human body.
All creatures deserve equal respect and protection and are not here for us to abuse for our own benefit.

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.

I will do my best to boycott China,you are a disgrace to the human race-from eating dogs to tigers to ivory-sick people.

6 years ago

Getting news like this out exposes the hidden horror of a disappearing species and lays bare the practices of those who profit from this loss and emboldens the majority who care and want the tiger here for all time - Thank you intrepid reporters

6 years ago

These countries governments need to hold a restructuring of the animal welfare bill and/or the wild animal welfare bill; and to recognise that all animals have the same fears and feelings of pain whether domesticated or not. The government should not be allowed to fall back on its words when it comes to legislation. If the current legislation is not up to scratch or in protecting these endangered species, then a new implementation of this system needs looking at. These auction houses and its 'medicine professionals' should be held accountable for their illegal auctions has they were caught breaching the legislation governing the protection of these tigers. Punishment for this corrupt trade should merit those involved suspension until they get their act together, to fines for breaking the law, to complete cease of trade licensing.

6 years ago

Tigers are languishing, suffering, starving and dying in tiger farms. Death comes as a relief for these majestic creatures who are forced to endure every possible abuse at the hands of humans. Tiger farms must be phased out, tigers must be rehabilitated in sanctuaries and the international community must come forward and provide China with the technical and financial help to rehabilitate its farm tigers. The abuse of tigers must end. Sale of tiger parts, tiger bone wine will not end till the farm tigers aren't rehabilitated. We humans haven't the right to abuse the majestic tigers. Grace and IFAW are doing a commendable job. The focus from tigers will not end till they are really safe and for this a lot remains to be done.

6 years ago

It is shocking to learn about such a blatant act against international agreement signed by
Premier Wen Jiabao to ban the use and sell of tiger parts. We demand an immediate cancellation of the said auction and hold the sponsor of the auction legally responsible.
Wanqiong Joan Zhang

6 years ago

SICK!!! These people are destroying the Earth!

6 years ago

My heart aches for these beautiful & endangered cats, just trying to survive. Something is seriously wrong when the planet is sustaining 7 billion + people and only a few hundred of certain other species. Saying a prayer for peace on earth again tonight. :-(

6 years ago

It is about time for china to behave civilized in all ways!! Unbelievable that people still believ in middle age stories!!

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