Start some animal themed holiday traditions this year

Start some animal themed holiday traditions this year!

“Mom, we’re bored!” Sound familiar?

Sometimes it can be challenging (and expensive!) to keep kids entertained over the holidays.  It may seem that all there is to do is watch movies, play video games, and eat.  While they probably have some school work to do, it is important to have some fun at the same time. Why not use that time to teach your children more about something they love? Animals!!

Below are some great boredom busters from our Animal Action Education Program that will help keep the kids entertained:

  1. Enter IFAW’s Animal Action “Art & Writing Contest!”  Send us your child’s colourful paintings, sketches, collages or any other original artwork of one or more of the animals that IFAW rescues and protects around the world. Or, through poetry, prose, short story or other genres, in 250 words or less, explore the theme: “Imagine a world without animals”.
  2. Do one (or more) of the lessons in one of IFAW’s educational packs. The lessons are designed for classrooms, but can easily be adapted for home (lessons vary for different ages). Children can create a booklet about cats and dogs using worksheets, draw a tiger food web, brainstorm and list animals and insects that live on the African savannah with elephants.
  3. Watch some of the videos that accompany the education pack. These videos can be watched independently or you can use the education pack to examine the contents of the videos further.
  4. Try some fun puzzles and crafts from our ‘Animal Explorers Activity Guide.’
  5. Check out IFAW’s “Collectable Cards” on tigers, dogs, whales, and more. 
  6. Take the Animal Action “Family Pledge.” Make a family promise to stand up for cats and dogs!

In addition to these great ideas to do at home, consider helping animals in your community by donating blankets and treats and/or volunteering to do dog walking at your local shelter. Who knows, these activities may be the start of new holiday traditions!


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